Directing William Shatner* 




*Look at those eyes, he's directing me.

Host, Showrunner, Cinematographer. 

Hey! I'm Andy.

These bios are fun, yeah? Here's probably what you want to know: I am a showrunner and host, I've been doing it since internet video began (it feels like 30 years, though I'm pretty it's only been about 10) and I'm always down for a new and exciting project.

I've showrun (ran?) and hosted projects for Mattel, Fullscreen, AT&T, Machinima, The Young Turks and more.

Currently, I'm working on the Hot Wheels YouTube channel, and most recently I wrapped production on Fullscreen's daily comedy show called @fullscreen (original, right?) that amassed over 140M+ views on Facebook in its short run.

Before that, I hosted a daily as-live talk show on Playstation Vue called All Systems Go! w/Andy Riesmeyer, produced a food and travel show with the James Beard Foundation and directed a bunch of episodes of a wine talk show hosted by William Shatner.

I got my first real break hosting a nerd show DweebCast on Larry King's digital network, OraTV. Before that, I fought in the trenches over at KTLA. I do a lot of everything at different sizes and scopes of production in multiple formats - let's figure out what we can make together!